McGee PTO needs YOU!!! PTO Board Nominations
Wed, May 4 7:24am




The PTO is currently seeking McGee parents/grandparents/community members to fill positions for the 2022-2023 school year. We need nominees for our elected board members which include President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  We are also looking for non-elected members for our Committees.  (See position details below)  If you have ever wanted to be involved and did not know where to begin, here is your chance! We need dedicated, enthusiastic members, who would be willing to help make all of our exciting opportunities possible. If you are interested or would like to nominate someone you think would be a great candidate or nominate the current board members, please click the link above or print and complete the attached form and return to school or email  Nominee forms due by May 10, 2022.  The nominating committee will correspond or meet with interested persons and will post a slate of officers-elect at the PTO meeting in May.  Please contact current Jamie McGee Treasurer Jill Valdez at



Executive Board Positions (Voted Positions)


President -The President will hold monthly board meetings, set agendas, appoint committees, spear-head events, ensure all PTO duties are fulfilled, attend district-level meetings when required, conducts business on behalf of PTO, work within the community, confer with Treasurer on all expenses and budget setting, work closely with teachers and administration regarding policies and school vision, and work closely with all board members to ensure PTO board vision is followed.  


Vice President – Will conduct meetings and PTO business on behalf of President when necessary, attend district meetings if required, work closely with other board members and volunteers, works closely with President and ensures that all policies are followed and events run smoothly, attend monthly meetings, work closely with volunteer coordinator and communication coordinator, serves on committees and conducts community business on behalf of PTO.


Secretary – Will attend monthly meetings, provide minutes to the President in a timely manner, provide monthly newsletter, provide timely thank-you cards to volunteers community sponsors, ensure meeting agendas are followed, work with communications coordinator and volunteer coordinator, ensure PTO vision followed.


Treasurer – Will attend monthly meetings, will submit a monthly financial report, will maintain finances and balance checkbook, work closely with the President to set budgets, sign checks in a timely manner, will assist in making bank deposits, may conduct financial business on behalf of the PTO.



Non-Executive Board Positions (Non-voted positions)


Communications Chair(s):  Develop flyers, graphics, forms to send home in print as well as publish electronically, posts communications and updates on Konstella, helps Secretary with monthly newsletter, provides posts to webmaster of McGee website, determines creative ways to reach parents/guardians on a regular basis.


Student Engagement Chair(s): Helps with planning, organizing, and promoting student events such as multicultural fest, Halloween Trunk or Treat, Turkey Run, school dances, movie night, game night, talent shows, and more.


Family Engagement Chair(s):  Helps with planning, organizing, and promoting back to school night, end of the year picnic, family nights and more.


Fundraising Chair(s): Helps promote and coordinate school spirit wear sale, organizes and promotes restaurant nights, box tops, book fairs, and individual fundraising events


Teacher/PTO Liaison Chair(s):  Communicate important classroom events with parents in that specific classroom, sending emails to remind parents of upcoming family events, remind about fundraising, requests for supplies of materials from teacher, organizing classroom parties/events, recruiting parent volunteers for the classroom events and activities.