*LAST UPDATE* One more! We need one more!
Mon, Apr 13 6:58pm


YOU GUYS WE ARE ALMOST THERE. 3 awesome people have applied to be a PTA officer next year. THANK YOU. We need ONE MORE. No one has applied to be president yet O_O


Is it because Adam's shoes are too big? No. He is a size 9.5. Small feet.

Is it because nothing is certain in the age of coronavirus? 

Is it because it's scary? It's 

Do you think that someone needs to have been on the PTA board before to be president? <-common misconception. Not true. Some of our best minds have accidentally walked into our board meetings and contributed greatly.


You can apply. It takes a commitment to learn and be present. That's it. I (Adam) estimate I spend maybe... 10-15 hours per month doing things for the PTA as president. That's 2-4 hours per week. That includes all the meetings, all the emails / communication, all the thinking. And the newsletter, which takes me maybe 3 hours per month by itself (which just happens to be something I do - not a requirement of president). 


Do you play Candy Crush on your phone for 2 hours per week? What if you used those 2 hours being awesome instead??? By being president of the PTA of the best school in Minnesota!!


I am committed to providing support every step of the way. But that's nothing compared to the support, learning, and passion you will get from the other great leaders of our PTA. I knew almost nothing when I became president. I learned it all with the support of the rest of the Board. You'll be fine. I promise.


You just need to apply: Jie Ming PTA Officer Application






*UPDATE* No applicants yet??? Does no one in this community believe in Jie Ming and the value the PTA brings? No one wants to make it better? No one wants to make a modest time investment next year??? Or is everyone just waiting for someone ELSE to step up? Well... what if there is no one else? Will you let our programming and support go away? 


(disclaimer: Adam is being a bit dramatic, but not too much. There are no applicants yet. There are many volunteers that do amazing things already. Are you waiting for them to take on one more thing? We need help! Everyone here has a full-time job / family / life. A few hours per month is something EVERYONE can give. Why not YOU ;)  )


Friendly reminder: we hold these officer elections every year, for every position.  President is recommended to serve for 2 years, but not required. There is no obligation to serve more than 1 year. And applying does not mean you automatically become an officer - you need to be elected in our April meeting. You won't be thrown to the wolves - current president Adam Jass won't be at Jie Ming next year, but plans to happily be available as a resource!



Applications are now open for our 2020-2021 PTA Officers! Click here to apply: Apply here


Some reasons you should apply:

- you believe in Jie Ming and its community

- you want to make it all even better

- you are hard-working

- you have great ideas


Jie Ming PTA officer positions are President, Vice President, Administrator, and Treasurer. See the application for a link to position descriptions. Application Form


Not sure if this is the right way for you to serve? Apply anyway. Then reach out to us at officers@jiemingpta.org and we can have a conversation and answer any questions that you may have. 


Know someone that would be a great fit? Ask them to apply! The more candidates we have, the better!


Jie Ming PTA Officer Application Form 2020-2021