April PTA newsletter: So much to look forward to!
Thu, Apr 21 8:53am

Good morning, all! Please take a look at the April PTA newsletter. Yearbooks, Bike to School Day, Spring Festival planning, and more!


Jie Ming PTA April Newsletter (online here)


Hello, Jie Ming Community! Welcome to April, Minnesota’s sixth (seventh?) month of winter. We hope you and yours are healthy and happy, despite all. The warmer days ahead promise opportunities to come together in support of our kids, teachers, and school. Please read on and please join us!

April/May Opportunities: 


  • PLEASE JOIN US for the virtual PTA Meeting on Thursday, April 28, at 8pm, at https://iste.zoom.us/j/6153267946. Watch for a Konstella notification about the agenda/topics to be discussed. All are welcome!


  • HELP TO PLAN THE SPRING FESTIVAL! We’re hoping to host an all-school, outdoor, joyful, waste-free, unforgettable Spring Festival on Friday, May 20. But to do this, we need a team of planners! Please join us today. Email Leah at president@jiemingpta.org by Tuesday, April 26, to sign up to be a part of the planning team.


  • MINNESOTA BIKE TO SCHOOL DAY is on Wednesday, May 4. Let’s roll! As a magnet school, Jie Ming students come from all over the metro area, so biking from home isn’t possible for many families. Instead, we’re in the process of organizing “hub” sites where families can meet and then bike as a group to Jie Ming. (Bikes can be stored in the gym for the day, if necessary.) Watch on Konstella and Facebook in the coming days to learn more. Need to borrow a bike? Email Jie Ming P.E. teacher, Dr. K., at eric.kaluza@spps.org. Interested in leading a biking group that day? Email Kim Milbrath: kkmilbrath@gmail.com.


  • INTERESTED IN LEARNING BIKE MAINTAINENCE? Dr. K. is looking for families interested in learning about bike repair to attend a training session using Jie Ming’s fleet of bicycles. In exchange for learning the basics, you’ll be part of a team of people able to help out with repairs on Jie Ming bikes, when necessary. Interested? Email Leah: president@jiemingpta.org.


  • RECYCLE YOUR PLASTIC BAGS AT JIE MING: Do you have an unwieldy stash of plastic bags under your kitchen sink? Do you save bags from your grocery items thinking that someday you’ll turn them into a giant sailboat bound for the Caribbean? Me too. But now, there’s another option. Bring them to school and drop them in the Trex School Recycling Challenge Box just inside the front doors! Jie Ming parent and Green Team champion Michael Stoick carts them away each week to be recycled. (He also takes Jie Ming’s food scraps and other compostable items to drop-off sites everyday.) If you want to help Jie Ming reduce waste or have additional ideas, email Michael: michaeltrecycle@gmail.com.


  • TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK: May 2-6 marks Teacher Appreciation Week, and if there has ever been a year to show our appreciation, it’s this one. Stay tuned to Konstella and Jie Ming’s Facebook page for ways to show appreciation for the people who give so very much to our kids every single day.


April/May Updates:


  • ORDER YOUR YEARBOOK TODAY! The deadline for ordering yearbooks is this Sunday, April 24. To order, purchase, and customize your yearbook, go to www.TreeRing.com/validate and enter our school’s passcode: 1015039302923731. Yearbooks cost $17.50 and will be delivered to school by the end of May. Need financial assistance? No problem! Email Leah at  president@jiemingpta.org. Have other questions? Email yearbook@jiemingpta.org



  • COVID VACCINES ARE STILL AVAILABLE! Masks are coming off (my kids literally cheered the news!), but COVID is still out there. Let’s keep working together to make our school community a healthy place. Please visit www.spps.org/covidvaccine to learn more about when and where kids (and adults) can receive the vaccine. 

Jie Ming Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)


Who we are: We are parents, caregivers, and members of the Jie Ming school community committed to supporting students, teachers, and families, and promoting an empowering school experience for all. We are a registered non-profit organization open to all members of the Jie Ming community. You do NOT need to be a paying member to participate fully. 


What we do: We meet monthly to discuss needs and concerns and to plan programs and events to support the school community. We also engage with families and Jie Ming leadership and staff to help meet the needs of students, teachers, and families as they arise.


What we believe: We believe all students can succeed and all families should feel welcome and supported. We believe in the value of all voices in our community. We believe that our community is made stronger by its diversity of languages, beliefs, and backgrounds. We believe that greater participation in PTA planning and decisions leads to more meaningful outcomes for kids and families. We believe in the promise of public schools and, in particular, of Jie Ming.