Bring Your Parent/Guardian to School Day
Thu, Dec 6 10:00am-12:00pm
Jie Ming
3 days before

**Updated event information to match school's announcement**


Welcome to Jie Ming Bring Your Parents to School Day.  We hope this will be a good immersion experience for you.  Please sign in and sign out for your visit.  Please also be aware of the following rules:

1. You cannot ride with your child to school on the school bus.  You have to transport yourself to Jie Ming.

2. Please do not bring siblings

3. We will have a regular teaching day on this day.  Please help us minimize English usage in the classroom.  Please do not interrupt teacher's teaching.  Schedule another time to meet with the teacher or email the teacher if you have any questions.  This is your time to learn Chinese with your child so you know how great they are.

4. Please follow the class at the end of the line when in the hallway.

5. Please do not take pictures or video of any students.

6. Please do not use your cell phone in the classroom.

7. School lunch is $4.10 per person if you plan to eat.  Please prepare exact change

8. Please do not bring any treats from home or store.

Thank you! Have a good time at Jie Ming!

Bobbie Johnson, Principal


You are invited to Jie Ming's Bring Your Parent/Guardian to School Day.  This half day event is a chance for you to see your child's immersion experience first hand. You are welcome to come for part of the morning, or the whole morning, including lunch.

Details and reminders

  1. Please sign in and sign out at the front desk. 
  2. Please do not take pictures or video of students.
  3. This will be a regular teaching day. Help us minimize English usage in the classroom. This is your chance to learn Chinese with your child and see how amazing the students are at picking up the language.
  4. You must transport yourself to Jie Ming. You cannot ride with your child to school on the school bus.
  5. School lunch is $3.90 per person. Please have exact change if you plan eat a school lunch with your child. Note that seating in the cafeteria is limited.