Can you help on Saturday 1/12?
Sun, Jan 6 11:00am
Jie Ming

Do you have time on Sat. Jan 12 to share your experience with Jie Ming to families looking for a great school for their little ones?  Hearing about Jie Ming from a fellow parent is one of the best ways to encourage them to enroll.  When new kids join our school, our school gets more resources from the district to make our kids' learning experiences even better.  Also, it's the best school, right?  Let's make sure everyone knows about it! 


Please consider signing up for a short shift at the School Choice Fair on January 12.  See the event in Konstella here: 


Thank you!  I have gone to this event before, and it's an awesome chance to connect with other families.  It's really special for the prospective families to hear about your time with Jie Ming.  Hearing from fellow parents carries a lot of weight for these decisions!