Chinese New Year Program Planning Kickoff Meeting
Wed, Nov 28 9:30am-10:30am
Jie Ming
1 day before

At this meeting:

We will define what we will do this year.  It will be different than past years.  Delegate action items/roles.


Please kindly let me know if you plan to attend (via comments below):


Chinese New Year Performance Event Details:
Date: 2/8/19
Start time: 6 PM
Target end time: 8 PM
Schools involved:

Jie Ming (12 dances), Highland Park Middle (1-2 performances), Highland Park High (1 skit)
Program duration: 90-120 minutes
Year of the PIG

what does the PTA do?
- support the school to organize the event.
-prepare & print invitations/programs/signages on the day of.
-work with Highland to make sure all the rooms performance needs are in order.
- gather volunteers.
- work out the logistics on the night of.
- work to get kids transported to Highland Park after school on the day of.
- help teachers with getting costumes to students to change into and out of.
- help teachers create an orderly environment in the holding rooms before the performance.
- help teachers with communicating to parents on what to expect the day of, how to prepare their children, etc.
- help provide costumes and accessories for the dances.
- videotape the event.