Donation Reminder - hosted events, business donations, gift cards, etc.
Thu, Oct 25 9:06pm
Jie Ming

Jie Ming families,

Just a quick reminder that we are still in need of auction donations.  Attached to this email is a copy of a donation request form letter.  


Regarding hosted events (Great Gatherings), below are a few ideas of that you might consider:


For Adults:

·         Cooking Classes

·         Wine and Cheese Night

·         Beer Making

·         Ladies Night Out

·         Pedal Pub

·         Scotch Tasting

·         Jewelry making

For Kids:

·         Dance Party

·         Movie/popcorn night

·         Ice Skating

·         Craft afternoon

·         State Park Geocaching

·         Sledding party

·         Pumpkin carving

For Families:

·         Escape Room

·         Super Bowl party

·         Family board game night

·         Snow shoeing – Como Park