Give some love - a project for each classroom
Sat, May 9 4:41pm

***Update 5.9.2020 - the PTA can do more***

We just got an update from Minnesota PTA that they are temporarily lifting some restrictions on gift cards as gifts. That means that in addition to the PTA's gift to our teachers, we are also going to purchase some gift cards for all teachers and staff, using previously budgeted teacher and staff appreciation money.


Please still consider doing something extra and amazing to show love for your classroom teacher! If you're already on it, that's just because you're awesome. Thank you. If you haven't yet, why not?? Coordinate with your classroom and make some magic. See the ideas and resources below. Talk with each other for inspiration. Our teachers are worth it.


***Update 4.29.2020 - another resource!***


A number of you have asked "how do I reach EVERY parent in my classroom?" You're right, not everyone is on Konstella. Luckily, our awesome school secretary Traci Makarenko has offered to help. To reach all the parents in your classroom to organize a gift for your teacher, email her at with the message you want to send, and which classroom. 


For example, if you are pooling money towards a gift card, you can include in your message "Contact me at (your email or phone number), or send money via Paypal at (your paypal account)" She will be able to send your message to the classroom. 


Questions? Email us at Happy organizing!


-----original message------

Jie Ming community -this message is meant to only go to families, not teachers and staff. Because we want to show them some love! We all have seen how hard our teachers work, and now they are working even harder to provide an education without even seeing our kids. 


The PTA is working on a nice gift for each of our teachers and staff. And we are encouraging all classrooms to organize and do something additional your teacher would love and use during this difficult time. Maybe a gift card to get some bubble tea or a nice meal? We have heard that when they are stressed, many of our teachers do love to get bubble tea... (not sure what Bubble Tea is? Google it, it's delicious)


In case you're wondering why the PTA isn't giving gift cards... it's because we legally can't give gifts of monetary value like that. But they would still be awesome, so we are asking for your help! Questions? Email us at Otherwise, work with other parents in your classroom to make this happen! You'll put a lasting smile on your teacher's face :)