Jie Ming Fundraiser - Wine donations needed

Wanted:  Bottles of Wine for the Wine/Beer Wall raffle.  

 Thank you to all of the families that have already donated.  We have made our goal for beer donations but are still 36 bottles short of our 50 bottle goal!!


You can stop by your favorite liquor store or just give The Wine Thief a call and place your order over the phone.  It's as easy as that.  They are offering a 15% discount on all wines purchased for our event and will store the wine for us, as well.



What if I do not live near The Wine Thief?  No worries, feel free to purchase your wine or beer from your favorite liquor store and bring it with you the night of event or contact Tim Kidder at tim.kidder@outlook.com, if you would like to arrange  a time to drop off your donation.




Bottles of Wine Signed Up: 12 / 50

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Craft beer - 6 packs Signed Up: 7 / 15

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