Lunch Room Volunteer Sign-up
Jie Ming

Volunteers needed! Principal Johnson is hoping some parents would like to relive their school lunchroom glory days -- or maybe make those days a little more glorious for our kids. (: In an effort to distance more fully during lunch, Jie Ming students use both the cafeteria and the gym as eating spaces. As a result, the school is short on people to help supervise and interact with the kids. As a volunteer, you will:

  • Assist students who forgot to pick up milk, utensils, condiments, etc.
  • Help the youngest students clear and stack their trays.
  • Set up table signs so students know where to eat.
  • Wipe down tables after lunch.
  • Hang out with students lined up and waiting for their teachers to pick them up.

If you're interested and available, please sign up for slots using this form. Feel free to sign up for more than one shift on a given day, even if they overlap. (For example, if you're able to be at school 11:10-12:45, you could sign up for all three shifts.)


Thank you!! Any questions, please email