PTA Executive Board Mtg (open to all)
Thu, Sep 30 8:00pm-9:00pm

PTA Executive Board Meeting (open to all) 

8pm - 9pm via Zoom:

Agenda (see working agenda, with comments, here):

  1. 8pm Welcome
  2. 8:02-8:15pm Talking through required prep work before presenting budget at October general meeting
  3. 8:15-8:22: Next steps for Konstella -- need to decide tonight if we renew for the year ahead (subscription ends 10/17)
  4. 8:22-8:35: Prep for October general meeting, including how to elect at-large board members
  5. 8:35-8:50: Discussion of committee structure and recruiting chairs
  6. 8:50-8:55: Delegating tasks for PTA comms plan
  7. 8:55-9:00: General meeting date and calendar moving forward