Please help a Jie Ming family
Tue, Oct 25 11:20am

Hello, Jie Ming! Let's rally. The family of Ashtyn (3rd) and Easton (6th at Highland) Schneider lost their home and belongings in a house fire Sunday night -- an unimaginable hardship. Thankfully, everyone is safe. Fellow Jie Ming/Highland parent Alison Fox and I worked with their mom to put together a list of clothes and supplies the kids need so that they can return to school on Monday. The need for clothing is urgent. (The schools have pitched in to contribute school supplies.) Please take a look at this spreadsheet and sign up to donate or purchase supplies. There are instructions on the sheet about when and how to share your gifts. Here's the spreadsheet:

You can also donate Target gift cards or contribute money to their meal train: However, we're really working right now to get the kids the actual stuff they need to be back in school Monday.  THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Leah Young (mom of Soren in 2nd and Dag in 6th)