THANK YOU!!! And: next steps for the Schneider family supplies
Fri, Oct 28 7:55am
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who signed up to share clothing and supplies with Easton and Ashton Schneider following their family's devastating house fire. We are AMAZED and MOVED by how quickly this community jumped to action -- what a beautiful reflection of who we are together.
Please, if possible, deliver your item/s to Jie Ming or Highland Middle by the end of the school day today (Friday, 10/28). If you cannot do this, please reach out to Leah Young or Alison Fox ( or to arrange a time to deliver.
We plan to bring everything to the family on Sunday so that the kids can return to school on Monday. If you would still like to contribute anything, please consider Target gift cards or donating to their Meal Train page: YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!!!