Updates on the Strike
Wed, Mar 11 12:20pm

Hello all - Here is a brief high level update on the strike details from our Union Steward and Jie Ming. This is just to keep your informed on details and you can choose as parents you next steps. This is not to show taking a side but more informational in nature. 


  • Today people if parents choose they can join the rally at 1:00 in Rice Park downtown. (each day is 1PM but different location.) Yesterday 3,000+ people showed up.


  • If you so choose you can call or email Joe Gothard (651) 767-8152 or gothard@spps.org and the school board to let them know that the teachers need them at the bargaining table. They didn't call a meeting yesterday and nothing so far today.


  • Thank you to those that have delivered coffee, donuts and other yummy treats. It is very appreciated. Today several teachers came over from Highland Park to support Jie Ming teachers. 


  • The teachers do really want this done quickly. They would all rather be with our students, so getting back to school is top priority!