Zero-waste Breakfast Volunteer
Jie Ming
1 day before

We need 2-3 Parent Volunteers to help students quickly sort their breakfast items (especially the kindergarten and first-grade students) 

Please sign up to help for 20-30 minutes when you drop your kids off at school.


After helping the students learn the daily good habit of zero-waste recycling and resource recovery we need to do three things.

  1. Take any share table items that have left the cafeteria to the teacher's lounge and put cold items in the fridge and other items on the counter for teachers to use to restock their classroom share tables.
  2. Transfer clean and dry plastic bags and clean and dry foil-lined wrappers to the storage shelf above the books in the second-floor pass through storage room.
  3. Rinse the liquids buckets & screens and hang them in the 2nd-floor custodial closet to dry.  (The students also set yogurt containers in the liquids buckets to be quickly rinsed and put into the recycling bin. )

Not only does zero-waste recycling teach students about recycling and resource recovery it teaches them to clean up after themselves and fosters a sense of gratitude which will have a longlasting and powerful effect on our school and students.