some sad news (and how to show support)
Mon, Feb 28 12:27pm
Hi, Jie Ming families. Some of you have already seen this on Facebook--apologies for the repeat.
As some of you have heard, Principal Johnson's husband, Joe, passed away last week unexpectedly. It is awful news during an already challenging time. I am hopeful that as a school community, we can offer her love and support as she faces the coming days, weeks, and months.
If you'd like, please send notes of condolence to the school. Send them with your child (and give them to Traci) or mail them to Jie Ming at 1845 Sheridan Ave. W, St. Paul, MN 55116.
As a PTA, we plan to send flowers on behalf of all Jie Ming families to tomorrow's funeral service.
If anyone would like to contribute to a joint gift from parents, please Venmo Rebecca Weisgrau Tsai at @rwtsai (using #3541 as a verification code) and put "For Bobbie" in the memo. (This contribution is not a PTA contribution.) We are in conversation with Julia Fung, Jie Ming's curriculum coach and Bobbie's close friend, about how to use the money to support her. Julia has suggested that we purchase an Instacart gift card for groceries and/or money for lawn care.
However you feel comfortable offering support, through kind thoughts, prayers, a note of encouragement, money, or anything else, know that it will be felt and appreciated. This is a beautiful community in large part because Bobbie has given her whole heart to create a place where our kids learn and thrive. Hopefully, the incredible gift she has given to us can now help to support her.
Please find Joe's obituary here.
Feel free to reach out to president@jiemingpta with any thoughts/questions.
Take good care,