2nd Request - Help Safety Patrol help families at Children's Hospital
Mon, May 8 11:28pm
Joaquin Miller Elementary
JM's Safety Patrol is helping parents who stay overnight with their children in intensive care at Children's Hospital. In collaboration with the Family Resource Center at the Oakland Children's Hospital, we are asking for donations of specific items to allow us to create a supply of "comfort kits" for families who have children staying overnight at the hospital. 
THANK YOU to those who have generously donated these items already.  We are still in need of some very important items requested by the Family Resource Center, however, including EYE MASKS and TOOTHPASTE.  We also gladly accept either cash donations or Amazon Gift Cards in any amount.  Every cent donated will be used towards the Comfort Kits for Children's Hospital.
Below is the link for the Amazon wishlist (items ship directly to Joaquin Miller):
Deadline to order items for this project is May 15th.  You can also copy the link for the Amazon Wishlist and share it with your family and friends either via email or on your social media page.
Please do not hesitate to email the Safety Patrol Service Project Coordinator, Hilary Altman (Mom of Milana, 4th grade), with questions at hilaryaltmanphd@gmail.com