4 tickets to the Oakmore Cocktail Crawl this Saturday!
Tue, May 2 3:25pm
Joaquin Miller Elementary

We have room for 4 more adults at Saturday night's Oakmore Cocktail Crawl. This party was built for 20 people and we'd love a full house. Email Danielle Morse (danidwyer@hotmail.com) if you'd like to attend this amazing night!

Here is the party description:

The legend continues for the 9th year running: the Oakmore Cocktail Crawl promises to be a night you wont forget! Be one of twenty lucky guests of this progressive party as you make your way through the Upper Oakmore neighborhood stopping at several uniquely themed events! Physical and mental challenges will be rewarded with delectable treats and generous beverages as you work your way from house to house! Come prepared for the night of your life! Grab a friend, brush up on your useless trivia, practice your hidden talents and find that inner competitor. Saturday, May 6th at 5:30pm.