Bake Sale Tomorrow After School!
Thu, May 11 9:01am
Joaquin Miller Elementary

Hi JM Families, 

Please read the message below from Elias, JM Trash Patrol Manager and Coordinator:


We (The JM Trash Patrol) are going to be holding a bake sale this Friday after school. We are going to be raising money to help support our cause (keeping the school clean). Some of the money will also go to the custodians, Ms. Sheila and Mr. Puzon as a gift for being so awesome and working so hard. But hush hush, they are not supposed to know. Anyway, we will use some of the money from the bake sale to get supplies for the team (Trash Patrol). Including, but not limited to, reusable cloth trash bags, Grip and Grab's, t-shirts, baseball caps, badges, and possibly utility belts. We would use all of those things to clean up the school or show a bit more... formality. It would be really awesome if you could support us by buying some of our baked goodies! We will also have gluten free and vegan goodies. Goodies will cost $1-$3.
Thank You!
Elias Korchin, JM Trash Patrol manager and coordinator