City of Oakland Summer Camps
Mon, May 1 9:51am
Joaquin Miller Elementary

Dear JM Families, 

I've attached a flyer for the Rotary Nature Center and Lake Merritt Wildlife Refuge Summer Camps at Joaquin Miller Park and Lake Merritt. Below is some information from Michelle Cox, the Recreation Leader.


Touch the Earth is often referred to "Touch the Dirt". Campers are pretty dirty after hiking, playing games, and running around the Redwoods. We have Counselors-in-Training (CIT) opportunities. The Staff Members at our Summer Camps in Joaquin Miller Park have all been Campers and CIT's.

Some Campers come three times or more. Although the themes repeat, the educational piece continues to expand and grow, as does the song list and art ideas. Swimming on Fridays.

Planting the seeds of Stewardship grows thoughtful, respectful teens and adults.


Young Naturalist Camp provokes Nature inquiry to Campers ages : 5-10 at the Lake Merritt location.

Lake Merritt, Lakeside Park, The Gardens are used as classrooms.

Ideal for families that work in Downtown Oakland or for Campers who are not avid hikers. Boating on Fridays. Small enrollment.