Emergency Kits Needed!
Wed, Oct 11 6:14pm
Joaquin Miller Elementary

Dear Parents,


At Joaquin Miller, our top priority is your child’s safety and emotional well-being.  Therefore, we are again asking you to send in earthquake supplies for each of your children. We do have emergency supplies stored on campus for long term care and we know that putting these supplies together with your child is time consuming. However, the items in your child’s bag will be specifically chosen to meet their emotional and nutritional needs for the first 24 hours after a major disaster. This is also a great annual opportunity to talk with your child about disaster  procedures (earthquake, fire, etc). Your bag of supplies will be your child’s connection with you until you can arrive to pick them up.


For each child at JM, please provide your child’s teacher with a 1-gallon Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s full name, teacher, and room number.  Inside the bag, please include:

  1. A family photograph
  2. 2-3 single serving water bottles or fruit juice boxes
  3. 4-5 non-perishable, healthy snacks in easily opened packages (granola bars, single-serving trail mix, canned fruit, etc)
  4. OPTIONAL: wet wipes, Kleenex, plastic silverware, notepad and pen, etc.


We appreciate your support and partnership!



The Joaquin Miller Safety Committee