Final Snow Cone Day TOMORROW -- $2 each
Thu, Jun 1 9:13pm
Joaquin Miller Elementary

Just a quick reminder that we'll be holding our final "snow cone" fundraiser of the school year tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, so please send a little cash with your kids in the morning if you'd like them to be able to purchase one.  Snow cones will be $2 each and will available in front of the school from 2:30 - 4:00pm.

Since proceeds from this event will go to support our foreign language program next year, we've made the theme "Snow Cones Around the World" and will be featuring "halo-halo" (the Phillipines' version of a snow cone) in addition to our traditional snow cones.  Check out the attached flyer for a fun list of "snow cones" in different countries around the world!!