JM's Little Free Library
Tue, Nov 7 3:45pm
Joaquin Miller Elementary

Dear JM Community,


Joaquin Miller School has a new Little Free Library right outside the JM Library! This beautiful mini library was donated by JM parents Jaime Fletcher and Anita Gutierrez, and their daughters 1st grader Mae Gutierrez-Fletcher and Rosa Gutierrez-McCauley, a JM grad now at Skyline. The library was hand-crafted with all recycled materials by Jaime, a professional woodworker and furniture maker.  When the family moved and had no place for their little library, Mae and Rosa thought that JM was the perfect place for it -- the school that taught them to read and love books.   


The Little Free Library is a resource for anyone who walks by! You may take a book or leave a book. You may return what you take or pass it along. In order for this to work in a school environment, please follow these donation guidelines:


  • The bottom shelf is for kids’ books. Please donate only gently used books that are fairly current (not yellowed, cracked, or mildewed).


  • The top shelf is for young adult and adult books. Please limit your donations to popular books, topics that would have wide appeal, and bestsellers published in the last few years. Please use discretion about the adult content of anything you donate.


  • Please do not leave religious materials, textbooks, or catalogs.


  • This is not the place to clear your book shelves. We cannot handle or dispose of old, outdated books.


  • This is not a book drop for JM Library books. Please bring these in to the library or to my mailbox in the office.

We hope you enjoy the Little Free Library and that it will be a wonderful resource for years to come.


Cindy Gullikson

JM Librarian