Message from Kids Club re: Enrichment!
Tue, Sep 5 3:24pm
Joaquin Miller Elementary

Hello KC Families,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! We're looking forward to another great, hopefully much cooler, week of Kids Club Afterschool. I wanted to provide an update about our Fall enrichment session, as we are onboarding some great new external vendors, as well as changing our approach to our INTERNAL class schedule. 

The packet will be available on ThursdaySeptember 7. The packet will only contain our list of EXTERNAL vendors, for which every class has a fee. Please read on for INTERNAL enrichment update.

To alleviate the competitive aspect of our INTERNAL enrichment registration process, we will be creating a fluid schedule of daily activities available to all students. They will be voluntary activities and registration will not be necessary. Here's what it will look like:

Monday3:10-4 PM

Hula Hoop Dance Party (Kinder-1st Grade) (Little Yard)
Dungeon World + Card Games (2nd - 5th) (MPR)
Chalk Art (K - 5th) (Dodgeball Court)
Lego Lounge (K-5th) (P21)
Free Play (K- 5th) (Big Yard)

Tuesday3:10 - 4 PM

Kinder Art (K's Only) (Little Yard)
Fuse Beads (K - 2nd) (MPR) (Note: Additional Fuse Beads class on Wednesday for 3rd-5th)
Dodgeball (1st- 5th) (Dodgeball Court)
5th Grade Hang (Library)

And more coming soon!

This is a preliminary schedule and will be finalized and sent to families soon. This approach allows for a perfect balance of general supervision and fun, popular activities. If you have any questions please let me know!