More Traffic Suggestions!
Wed, Aug 30 1:59pm
Joaquin Miller Elementary

To help things move even faster, follow these suggestions from a JM parent:


Parents must not get out of their cars at all. EVER. If their child needs extra help, they're going to have to park in a spot on or on the street and walk their kid in. When a parent gets out of their car in the drop off line (for even one minute) the traffic backs up immediately on Ascot. Seriously, instantly.
•Kids backpacks/lunches must be kept with them in the back seat and not in the trunk of the car. It takes times for the kids to get their stuff out of the trunk and, more often than not, the parent gets out of the car and closes the trunk. Which backs up the traffic immediately on Ascot.
•Kids and parents need to say their goodbyes before it's time to get out of the car.  The drop off line needs to keep moving.