REMINDER: All Joaq-a-thon donations DUE BY APRIL 13th
Sat, Apr 8 3:22pm
Joaquin Miller Elementary

Hi JM Community,

Hope you are having a great spring break.  

Just a reminder that all Joaq-a-thon pledges need to be collected and turned in no later then Thursday, April 13th.  Your child's sponsors can pay by check or on your child's online fundraising page.  Here is the correct link:

 **All checks should be made out to JMPTA.  Please NO CASH.  (If you receive cash, please write a check for that amount.) 


What needs to be turned in by APRIL 13th?
1) All collected checks made out to JMPTA
2) The  half page t-shirt form with the total amount collected written in- please also make sure you have marked the correct size t-shirt if your child earned a t-shirt
3) Your child's sponsor sheet with the "total amount" column completed for each sponsor.  Mark online if collected online.    

Please put your child's checks, sponsor sheet, and completed t-shirt form in the small manila envelope you received at checkout and return the envelope back to your Joaq-a-thon Rep Folder hanging in the classroom
**IF ALL YOUR  CHILD'S SPONSORS DONATED ONLINE,  please still turn in the t-shirt form and mark online payment and complete the TOTAL PAYMENT line of the form, as well as what size t-shirt your child wants.  All online donations are due by April 13th.  


Thanks for your help with collecting all the pledges.  We are looking forward to seeing how much money the kids raised for JM!

Take care,

Cathy and Sheila