REMINDER: Meeting tonight! - What's going on with Special Education at JM?
Tue, Nov 14 1:01pm
Joaquin Miller Elementary

What IS going on with Special Education at JM? Come find out at JM's PTA Focus Group on Special Education on Tuesday November 14th at 7PM in the library. Please come share your experiences with special education in our classrooms as a parent of a student with special needs or as a parent of a non-special education student. Either way, the state of special education at our school affects YOUR student.


The special education programs, inclusion, resource & Special Day Class or SDC at Joaquin Miller Elementary and in the Oakland Unified School District are in deep trouble. Children are suffering and being left behind. While this is most tragic for special needs children, this situation is impacting every child at JME.


Please come share your experiences, thoughts and ideas with your PTA board representatives on Tuesday, November 14th at 7PM in the JM Library. Find out how YOU can get involved in helping EVERY student at JM get the education they deserve. We are leading the charge to hold OUSD accountable for ensuring that our special education students (and all our students) receive the education they are entitled to!


We look forward to seeing you there!