So Much Gratitude!!
Sat, Jun 10 10:26am
Joaquin Miller Elementary

Happy Summer JM!!! 

Before you head off on your fabulous adventures, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on a truly great school year and to thank the volunteers who made it so memorable and seamless. With a community such as ours, it is nearly impossible to express gratitude to all the amazing people who have contributed their time, ideas and energy - there's just so many hands are in the mix! Please join me in thanking those who have steered the many ships...

Dad's Club: Cody Strub, Room Parent Liaison: Heather Ladov, Emergency Preparedness: Eric Runge, Educational Programs: Julia Hollinger, Auction Chairs:Jennie Edwards, Loren Hudson, Janie Johnson, Sutapa Balaji, Jane Groulx, Danielle Morse, Natasha Desai, Kristine Kopchik, Jessica Dame Carroll, Guy Major, Kevin Schwartz, Joaq-a-thon Chairs: Cathy Carr & Sheila Kopf, Raffle Chairs: Christine Gharagozian & Debbie Slinkard, Language League: Mike Petouhoff & Kevin Schwartz, JM Apparel: Caitlyn Murphy, Diversity+Inclusion: Stephanie Leroux, Safety Patrol: Lilian Ansari, Scrip Fundraising: Derek Yegian, Walkie Talkie: Caitlyn Murphy, Playground Patrol: Erin Valenzuela, Coloma Coordinator (4th Grade): Amy Schoen, PTA Board Members: Danielle Morse, Sheila Kopf, Gregor Dodson, Shereen Cambra, Kristine Kopchik, Cathy Carr, Sutapa Balaji, Annette Dinsmore, Pam Boyle, Cindy Lawrence, Sara Green and Sylviane Cohn, Room Parents: Frances Bentle, Susan Cevallos Coleman, Janine Snyder, Jessica Dame Carroll, Jennifer Shaffer, Cindy Lawrence, Auey Santos, Kevin Schwartz, Kisha Ellis, Jennifer Hildreth, Natasha Desai, Mayu Takenouchi, Jessica Lawrence, Debbie Slinkard, Anastasia Woods, Lilian Ansari, Leticia Duarte, Suzie Nasol, Lynn Petouhoff, Amy Schoen, Susan Rubio, Emily Kissam, Karin Gregg, Loryn Hudson, Ana Hansen, Janie Johnson, Sutapa Balaji, Kristine Kopchik, Tamiko George, Rupa Balachandran, Ronda Sousa, Jeanine Ray, Erin Valenzuela, Stephanie Leroux, Andrea Johnson, Kathy Meares, Jennie Edwards and Sharlee Reno. THANK YOU for your leadership and dedication to JM!!

And to all of you who have volunteered with students in the classroom, driven on field trips, cheered on students at the Joaq-a-thon, begged someone to play Heads or Tails at the auction, stood in the rain to open car doors in the morning, spent your lunch hour watching students on the yard, spent a summer day stuffing registration envelopes, sold tamales or snow cones or tri-tip after school, welcomed a new family to the school, laughed or cried at a Talent Show, set up chairs for a PTA meeting, brought a dish to a class party, hung decorations for 5th grade promotion or just made someone smile this year - THANK YOU for making JM such an awesome community! 

Have a wonderful summer!

-Danielle Morse

Exiting President, JMPTA :)