Support Fire Victims!
Fri, Oct 13 10:56am
Joaquin Miller Elementary

Dear JM Families,

I know many of you have been watching the devastation in the North Bay and want to help. Anne Sophie Hurst (first grader Viggo's mom) has been coordinating with a group of moms in Marin to gather donations to fire victims and first responders. As the fires are still raging, the needs change every day as new shelters open up and have new needs. The Marin Civic Center and other shelters are looking for items to help entertain kids in the shelters and are looking for the following: bubbles playing cards stickers/sticker workbooks crayons/markers notepads for writing/drawing soccer balls.

Unfortunately, they don't have space for art areas or anywhere that can house larger art items so think small and portable. If you are able to help, you can drop off items at Anne Sophie's house 5061 Parkridge Drive or at school in the office.

If you want to volunteer and know how to teach yoga/do magic/play music there is also lots of needs to lead activities at shelters for kids/adults. Spanish speakers are also needed as many of the displaced are farm workers here for the grape harvest. This is a good UNOFFICIAL document tracking needs


With appreciation,