Tomorrow's World Culture Fest Menu - Yum!!
Fri, Oct 6 3:52pm
Joaquin Miller Elementary

Thanks to all of the Joaquin Miller families contributing their time and food to tomorrow's World Culture Fest.  My mouth is watering and I can't wait to taste a little of everything! 


See below for tomorrow's food menu prepared by your fellow JM families.   See you tomorrow!






WCF 2017 Menu - Flavors of the World

1.     Australia - Aussie Meat Pies, Sausage Rolls, Anzac Biscuits

2.     American South – Macaroni & Cheese, Red Beans & Rice

3.     Cambodia/ Laos - Lemongrass beef sticks, Sticky rice, Lotus flower cookies, Lao Papaya

4.     China – Dim Sum

5.     Egypt - Tabig- rice noodles w/ traditional saucy vegetables

6.     Hawaii - Kalua Pig & Spam Musubi

7.     India - Coconut noodles, Lemon noodles, Tamarind spice rice, Assorted rice crisps

8.     Japan - Daifuku, Mochi Dessert, Seaweed,  Snacks, Dorayaki Desert

9.     Mexico - Tamales De Pollo En Chile Verde, & Agua De Horchata

10. Mien – Mien Food

11. Nigeria - Nigerian style fried rice, tomato rice & chicken

12. Peru – Ceviche,  Alsajores

13. Philipines - Pork adobado w/rice , Halo-halo snow cones, Pork Lumpia, Pancit

14. Russia - Borscht,  Pelmeni, Chaska Chai, & Honey Cake

15. Sri Lanka - Chicken in Sri Lankan Spices, w/ Rice

16. Yemen - Chicken Sambusa & Veggies, Veggie Sambusa, Sambusa Sauce