UPDATED POST! Solar Eclipse Glasses Needed!
Wed, Aug 2 9:21pm
Joaquin Miller Elementary

Dear Joaquin Miller Families, 

Brooke Chapman-Tripp just messaged me that she has 288  pairs through her job! Since two parents have already purchased 50 pairs each, we only need 80 - 100 more!

A few parents have emailed me about getting glasses for the students to see the solar eclipse that will happen on the first day of school. I've done some cursory research, and it looks like we are too late to make a bulk order for all 470 students and staff. I'm thinking the best way to go might be for parents to purchase packs separately. JM parent Jane Groulx complied a list of websites for ASA-approved glasses and I've pasted it below. 


If you do purchase some glasses, please leave a comment with the number you purchase.  Also, if any of you have any other connections to get large numbers of glasses, please let me know. 


Pack of 50 for $62.50 (limited to 50) ($1.25 each)

Packs of 2 for $2.50 each ($1.25/each)

Pack of 25 for $71.43 ($2.85/each)
Pack of 20 for $45 (2.25/each)
Pack of 10 for 19.98 (1.99/each)
Pack of 25 for $29.95 ($1.19/each)
Thank you!
Sara Green