WELCOME BACK SNO-CONE DAY (JM Language League Fundraiser)
Fri, Aug 25 12:30pm-3:00pm
Joaquin Miller Elementary
1 day before

HELLO Joaquin Miller Elementary Families!


Tomorrow afternoon (Friday, 8/25), the Joaquin Miller Language League (JMLL) will be hosting a "Welcome Back to School" SNO-CONE DAY from right after the dismissal bell until around 3:00pm.  Sno-cones are $2 each and tend to be super popular with the kids, so please remember to send a little cash with your kids in their backpacks tomorrow.  


All funds raised will go to support the delivery of foreign language classes for our JM kids.  After the success of our pilot program last year, Principal Green agreed that we should expand the language instruction program this year. So, ALL kids in 2nd thru 5th grades will receive 12 weeks of Spanish instruction and 12 weeks of Mandarin instruction (for 30 minutes, 2 times per week) from dedicated, native-speaking instructors over the course of the year.  We are tremendously excited about this program but will need to support it via independent fundraising throughout the year.  For now, we're looking forward to welcoming all the kids back with sno-cone treats tomorrow, but please watch out for additional events during the year.  And please contact Mike Petouhoff or Kevin Schwartz if you're interested in getting involved with the JMLL organizing committee.


Lastly, a BIG thanks to the Dad's Club for their on-going support and the loan of their ice shaving machine!


Thanks all,

JM Language League