Wine Pick UP! We Want Your Wine...
Wed, Oct 11 10:12am
Joaquin Miller Elementary

...or your friends wine.

A single bottle of wine, 25$ or more :), would help so much. Not to mention you will get to see me and say good morning. Won't that be exciting?! Or maybe horrifying since Halloween is coming. 


We will be collecting wine out front of the school next Wednesday and Friday mornings (10/18 and 10/20)  from 8:00-8:50am. We are not allowed to collect on campus but I or someone will be standing out front to relieve you of your vintastic donations. If you can't make that you can always contact me ( to arrange a pick up or drop-off. I have no problem taking your wine. 


The Fall Auction is coming up quickly and donations are down this year. We could really use your help! If you are not sure of what to buy or donate feel free to reach out and we can help. Or consider contacting Vintage Berkeley! They are offering a 20% discount on all bottles purchases for the auction. The best performers are wines with “auction appeal”—well known labels, interesting wineries, large formats - or just your favorite bottle! 

I also have the opportunity to purchase a handful of bottles at 50% off from Schramsberg in Calistoga. Below is a list of the bottles I would like to acquire for the auction. If you haven't purchased wine yet and would like to purchase one of these wines please email me at 


Only one bottle left 50% off!


The prices listed are including the 50% off. 


2008 Schramsberg Reserve Sparkling Wine - 60.00


The Fall Auction is our largest fundraiser of the year, and it’s the great work of the entire JM Community that makes this event so successful for our school. 

Vintage Berekeley is located at 2949 College Ave in Berkeley. You can contact them at 510-549-9501 or

Just make sure they know it is for JOAQUIN MILLER ELEMENTARY AUCTIONand we will pick it up and take care of the rest.


For every $25 worth of wine each family contributes by October 31, you will be entered in a raffle for a free child’s outing with his/her teacher. This means you will have first dibs on a spot at a teacher-led outing...before the auction begins.

Thank you in advance for your donations!