Wine and a Massive Thank You!
Fri, Oct 27 12:58pm
Joaquin Miller Elementary

A huge thank you to everyone who has already contributed! You all really came through! We have collected a great selection of wine this year. Again, thank you sooooooo much!

If you have any wine you still wish to donate I will gladly come get it from you or arrange to meet you. If I can get 10 bottles committed for a pick up next Monday I will come out and dance with the baby one last time for the year.

I also have 2 special bottles I would like to get into the auction. If anyone is willing to contribute toward them it would be amazing. The prices are listed at the 50% off price I can get them for.

1 x Schramsberg blanc de blanc Magnum 40$

1x Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc 3.0 lt. Double Magnum! Huge Bottle and Wooden Box. 155$

Let me know! Would love to make these part of it all!