After school enrollment - May 1st
Wed, Apr 12 4:49pm
John Burroughs Elementary



Registering your student for after school:


  • After-school enrollment for all families will take place online starting May 1. Families who visit the online enrollment system can expect to have a customized experience based on your child and the school he/she is attending. Specific instructions on how to do the online enrollment
  • You must access the online enrollment system on a computer, not a phone or mobile device. If you lack access to a computer, computers will be available at your school for use during the enrollment period from 9 am to 3 pm. DC Public Libraries also have computers available for public use.
  • Online after-school enrollment will start May 1. Seats will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. Seats are limited, so please enroll early.
  • The afterschool enrollment process has been simplified so that most families will not need to submit more documents after completing the online enrollment form.
  • You must have submitted your school year 2017-18 enrollment forms for the regular school day and allow two business days for the information to be updated into the system before you enroll in the after-school program. Get more information about 2017-18 school enrollment.