Fri, Sep 22 8:58am
John Burroughs Elementary

Greetings Burroughs Families!!

We are well on our way to planning field trips for our students here at Burroughs.  Many of our students have received their DC One card with the help of Mrs. Ridley who is working to assure all the students have a DC One card.  The PTO would like to take this time to assist with registering the card so students will be able to use them, as public transportation will be the school commuting source for many of our local field trips.  There are a few ways the DC One card is used throughout the city.

The DC one card usage:

  • Metro bus and train (must registered) traveling in the District
  • District of Columbia Recreational/community center
  • District libraries

As for the Metro (bus and train), which DCPS and character school students can ride FREE when DC ONE card are properly registered at https://idmsprdweb.dc.gov/manage/index.jsf . See attachment for example of registration screen.  Once the cards are registered then the card must be to activate by tapping them on either the bus or train once a month, at your nearby metro station or on the bus.

Due to our teachers using public transportation as a method to travel for our field trip.  We ask parents to take their students on a field trip on the Metro bus or train to expose them to riding public transportation and given them, some safety tips.  Here is a few tips: