DCPS Food Advisory Board
Wed, Jan 11 5:40pm
John Burroughs Elementary
W5COE Friends, Anyone interested in joining the DCPS Food Advisory Board and help ensure students have high quality meals? DCPS is looking for stakeholders (students, parents, and school-level staff) to participate on the School Food Advisory Board (SFAB) for 2017. If selected, you will work closely with your school’s food vendor. Applications are due by January 23. Please visit http://bit.ly/2i6DKq2 to apply. The roles & responsibility of serving on the SFAB are: - To attended a minimum of three of the four scheduled meetings (February 7, May 9, August 30, November 15), - Provide menu feedback, - Participate in taste testing of new menu items, - Receive food service program overview, - Parent & student advocacy - provide constructive and actionable feedback on cafeteria environment, recruitment/involvement of parents, faculty, staff, community partners, and students, - Be a student, parent/guardian, faculty or staff member with DC Public Schools with interest in being a voice for your community and the school population you will represent. Further questions or information can be addressed with Melissa Herendeen (melissa.herendeen@dc.gov).