Due Soon! Advocacy: support FoodPrints at JBES
Thu, Jan 24 9:25am

A reminder: Please bring your letters to Ms. Nolan or Ms. Kellogg by the end of the month!

Help us attain a sustainable funding source to continue with our wonderful FoodPrints program and expand it through 5th grade by joining our letter-writing campaign!



This template is meant only as a guide; please customize it as much as possible for greater impact.


You can also write a short email message in your own words and structure. You don’t have to follow a formal format.



Dear Mayor Bowser and team, Interim Deputy Mayor for Education Kihn, and Interim Chancellor Alexander and Incoming Chancellor Ferebee and team,


I am a DCPS parent of [grades of your children] at John Burroughs Elementary School. I’m writing in support for FoodPrints. I believe dedicated city funding for FoodPrints is important because […]


When I volunteer in FoodPrints classes, I [observe, come away impressed by, see, find that, am excited to see…]


On the days my child has FoodPrints class, [she or he] comes home [talking about what s/he learned in the garden…  asking to prepare recipes… interested in cooking with me ... ]


[Above, you might talk about how FoodPrints:

- integrates a whole child approach to education (and why that’s important to you personally or to your school)

- builds social-emotional skills as students learn and practice teamwork, problem solving, self-regulation, and shared joy in their accomplishments in the garden and teaching kitchen.

- offers hands-on experience with academic content (and give an example of a FoodPrints lesson you’ve observed that helps teach and reinforce science, math, literacy, or social studies concepts)

- has made a difference in what you cook at home

- engages families engagement (and why that’s important to you personally or to your school)



[Closing -  something along the lines of:

“I ask you to support a dedicated funding stream in the city budget that helps the program continue at our school and many other DCPS schools.”]




Address and/or phone [if you’re willing]