Employment and Training Programs-Please pass
Mon, Dec 5 10:46am
John Burroughs Elementary

Employment and Training Program


The Center for Empowerment and Employment Training (CEET) in Ward 5, was awarded a grant to find employment and provide certifications in IT (computer repair, networking, and cybersecurity) and healthcare (Certified Nursing Assistant-CNA, Home Health Aide-HHA).  CEET will determine eligibility and send eligible clients for service Monday's-Thursday's 10:30 am-3:30 pm).  

Our training partners are Innovative Institute and  the VETS Group.  The next training for IT certifications (six weeks) will take place on December 5th; Healthcare training (24 days) will hold its next training in January 2017.:  January 6th- Orientation and January 9th-class starts.  

Once trainings are completed, each individual must take and pass a board exams.  All successful candidates will be assisted with job placement  by all partners.  All participants must be:  18 years of age and older; possess a high school diploma or GED; DC resident; and qualify for CSBG Services.  The training center will also issue a test to determine basic proficiency.  Please contact us at (202)832-4070.

If you know people who might be interested, please have them contact us so that they might come in to apply.  Our job developer and job coordinator will also assist them with finding full-time and part-time employment.  We are also looking to work with employers to hire our participants, so please contact us if you have some job leads.

Thanks you!


Anita Obarakpor

Program Director

2017 CSBG Employment and Training Services Program