End of Read-A-Thon and PTO meeting
Sat, Mar 16 10:21am

THANK YOU to all our participants, volunteers, and sponsors!

Today (Sat 3/16) is our last Read-A-Thon event, 3-4:30pm at the Woodridge Neighborhood Public Library. Please join us for some reading and FREE hot chocolate! Well, the reading is free too.

So far we have raised a whopping $5,797! While that is still 28% short of our goal, it is enough to sustain our budget at this year’s levels! We always hope to do more to serve you, so please continue with your support of us! There is still time to ask your friends and family for just $5. A little goes a long way and it all adds up!

While today is the last day of the Read-A-Thon, you have until 6pm on Thursday 3/21 to please submit all donations (cash & checks in your pledge envelopes or online via PayPal, FB Non-profits, and Cash App). If your FAMILY has raised at least $100 please include a t-shirt slip with your preferred size in your pledge envelope. Sealed pledge envelopes can go to any teacher, or specifically to Ms. Teel, who will deliver them directly to us. We will be collecting pledge envelopes at our PTO meeting on Thursday of this week! Appetizers and snacks and childcare will be provided at the PTO meeting.

Online donations can go through Cash App at this link or PayPal at this link after today and always. Thank you again!

Read-A-Thon fundraising stats:

  • Most fundraised by an individual student: $1,483
  • Most active fundraising students from a single class: 4 (Ms. Beard’s and Ms. Graham’s classes)
  • Number of active fundraising students: 22
  • Average raised per active fundraising student: $263.50
  • Total raised if each student fundraised $263.50: $73,780
  • Average raised per student (in the entire school): $20.70
  • Number of fundraising classes (with at least one active fundraising student): 10
  • Average raised per fundraising class (with at least one active fundraising student): $579.70
  • Total raised if each class fundraised $579.70: $11,014.30
  • Average raised per class (in the entire school): $305.11
  • Average amount per student needed to reach goal: $28.57
  • Number of students who met individual $100 goal: 12
  • Total raised if each student met $100 fundraising goal: $28,000
  • Number of classes who met individual $100 goal on average: 1 (Ms. Thompson’s class)