GO....SET..... READ and RAISE $$$$
Sun, Oct 23 2:09pm
John Burroughs Elementary

The Read-a-Thon starts tomorrow, Monday, October 24th.


Read-a-Thon is a fundraising project where students get donations to read.  Once the reader page is created, it can be shared and uploaded so friends and family can donate to your child.  Go to Read-a-Thon.com for a You Tube demo.  We want every student to raise a minimum of $20.  We will use the funds to support classroom projects and supplies, learning tools and other school needs.


Every student has received an information sheet to tell them how to sign up and create their own unique Reader page.  This page is used to track minutes and donations.  If you did not get your student reader code, send us an email:  jbpto@yahoo.com and we will send it.


There will be prizes for the top fundraisers, students who read the most minutes, and the class that reads the most minutes.


All reading counts:  reading during class, reading during afterschool, parents reading to their children, children reading out loud to family members, reading to grandparents via Skype/Facetime, etc.   Keep a book in the car and have your child read while you are driving-get creative!   Teachers will be giving minutes during class time.


Get your pages set up today...start reading and fundraising tomorrow.



Burroughs PTO