Help advocate for FoodPrints!
Wed, Feb 16 5:31pm

The FoodPrints organization uses the month of February to advocate for the program because of the mayor's upcoming budget. One of the FoodPrints teachers at Burroughs, Mr. Ewart, has asked us to reach out to PTO families for help. 

Can you take 10 minutes to send two e-mails about the importance of FoodPrints, one to the Mayor's office and one to our Ward 5 councilmember? Mr. Ewart has shared a template (attached) that makes it really easy to send the e-mails!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Ewart directly ( He's also asked that, if you do send e-mails, please forward them to him, as well. Thank you!


Mayor's office e-mail addresses:,,,,,,,,,

Ward 5 Councilmember (Kenyan McDuffie) e-mail address: