It's not too late to pay membership dues (and paying doesn't mean you plan to attend meetings)
Mon, Nov 20 9:36am
John Burroughs Elementary

As a follow-up to the membership drive contest winner announcement, I'd like to mention that it’s not too late to pay dues. The $10 PTO dues should be paid by all Burroughs families, not just those who plan to attend PTO meetings.


Payment can be given to classroom teachers or at any PTO meeting (the next one will be on January 18). You can pay with cash, with a check made out to John Burroughs Parent Teacher Organization, or via PayPal to (as friends and family in the US). Be sure to include a note with your scholar’s/scholars’ name(s) and teacher’s name(s) along with your payment.


Funds are used to acknowledge students, appreciate teachers, for special events, etc. While dues are $10 per family per school year, additional donations are accepted and appreciated.