Mon, Apr 9 8:33pm
John Burroughs Elementary

Burroughs is off to a great start with the Read-a-Thon!  We have raised $1,194 so far! 


Mrs. Warren's 1st grade class has the most readers with their pages active.


Have you created your reader page?

If not, look at the Read-a-Thon handouts given to your child and follow the directions to quickly get your page set up.


Did you read today?

This includes kids who can read on their own, reading as a class activity, parents reading to their children or participating in a storytelling  activity.


Did you get donations for reading?

From your reader page, you can send messages via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get donations from friends and family.


There will be prizes for our great readers:  tickets to Magic Playground, Pizza party, tickets to Spy Museum, gift card to Dick's Sporting goods and more!


Let's make reading fun for our kids!


If you have questions or need help, please contact the PTO: