Team Up with Burroughs on Food Waste
Tue, Apr 14 2:18pm

Welcome to Week 1!

Wow! Welcome teams from across country! We have more than 30 team leaders representing more than 80 households and more than 300 people.

Let's Go Team Up on Food Waste @ Home!

What does one week of "preventable" food waste look like?

We're going to find out together! Our first project measure of success is how many teams submit the Baseline Report by April 24.

Remember that the purpose of "baseline" data is to measure what you would normally do.

Recognizing that at the moment "normal" is not really an option, think of this as what you would do if you weren't participating in this competition.

Don't worry about taking any action to reduce food waste this week.

Just start collecting 7 days worth of "preventable" food waste.

Your Week 1 tasks are:
  • Learn Up: Review the Week 1 Cheat Sheet. Make sure you understand our working definition of "preventable food waste."
  • Team Up: Make sure your team is Signed Up and responsibilities are clear.
  • Set Up and Go!  Prepare to keep track of information about each preventable food waste item using the Data Collection sheet.  Get started!

To see an example set up, watch this Short Intro Video
In English or En Español.

Check the Project Page for updates as we add resources for later weeks.

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It's not too late to sign up!

Please do feel free to encourage your friends to Sign Up Here if they would like to participate. Starting a few days late won't hurt anyone, and we have added a Make Up Week for any slightly latecomers.