What's happening at Burroughs?
Thu, Sep 21 10:42am
John Burroughs Elementary

Greetings Burrough's Families,


Please see below for upcoming events:



In order to support leveraging teaching and learning families will participate in a 30-minute mock daily lesson that will focus on grade level specific content. Content teachers will deliver a condensed version of the instructional block highlighting whole group, small group, collaboration work time and independent work time with learning activities on a targeted common core standard for the grade level.

Upon arrival parents will report to the cafeteria. Parents will report to their child's homeroom teacher for the first 30 minute content block and then switch to the co-teacher for the second 30 minute content block. Kindergarten teachers will split the hour with 30 minutes for ELA and 30 minutes for Math. The grade level end of year academic templates will be shared, as well as any other content resources (i.e. DIBELS, TRC, i-Ready, STMath, ZEARN home connection handouts...etc). Early childhood classroom teachers will discuss share apects of creative curriculm as well. 

Time: 6 PM - 7:30 PM


PTO Meeting:

Come to our 1st Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) meeting

Thursday, September 21 at 6pm

All parents/guardians/teachers/staff are welcome to attend.

The meeting will take place in the cafeteria 


Burroughs Market formerly known as Martha's Market:

Let's go shopping! Please join us for our first market of the year. Come get your free fresh produce along with other healthy foods at the market. 

Thursday, September 21st at 3:15 PM-5:00 PM (TODAY)

The market will take place in the cafeteria


Garden Clean Clean Up Day


Our first Garden Clean Up Day is scheduled for Saturday, September 30th from 9:00am-1:00pm. The PTO and JBES staff will be working together to weed, prune, harvest and install a drip irrigation hoes to the garden beds. 

Thanks to our partnership with REAL School Gardens we have three new picnic tables and outdoor whiteboard ready for student use in the outdoor classroom.  In addition to drip irrigation materials, 40 new garden gloves, and a new hose and hose nozzle​.

Thanks to our partnership with DPR we have a new compost bin. The DPR Community Compost Cooperative Network which will allow trained coop members from the community to drop off their food scraps mixed with carbon sources from the school garden during non-school hours will be in full effect this week. The goal is for teachers to focus on education compost activities while the community manages the bin. The bin is located on the 18th St side of the building. Please read more about this program at https://dpr.dc.gov/page/community-compost-cooperative-network



Friday, September 22nd is PD Day. NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS. 


Have a wonderful day!