Countdown to Walkathon Day 2 - Focus!
Tue, Oct 31 6:39pm
John Gomes Elementary

Happy Halloween, Gomes families!

The countdown to the March of the Gophers Walkathon has officially begun! We had so much fun today as our students learned the first step to becoming a hero: to have focus. You can check out the video your students saw here. Also, it's not too late to participate in the fun run. The first step is to register on It's totally free, and your student will get a free prize just for registering. After that, you can get connected to family friends and ask them to sponsor your student as they run 30-35 laps next Thursday. Finally, the easiest way to get pledges is to make a "student star video". Simply log in to FUNRUN.COM, click the “Create Student Star Video” button, upload a photo of your child, and SHARE it using the share functions—Facebook, email, etc.

Note: To register, the website will ask for your date of birth to verify that you are over 18 years of age. If you are not comfortable putting in your real date of birth, please put 1/1/1999.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns; you can reply to this email.

Gomes PTA Communications