Diwali Luncheon for Gomes Staff ( Be Generous and Contribute with your favorite Indian dish )
Wed, Oct 11 10:00am-11:00am
John Gomes Elementary ( Drop your dish at room 413- between office and science lab )
7 days before, 2 days before


Diwali Luncheon

Most Awaited Gomes Diwali Luncheon for the Staff. ( drop your dish at room 413)

Hello Gomes Parents,

We all have the most awaiting Festival " Diwali " coming up. Everyone must be already in a Festive Mood. Lets treat our teachers at Gomes with some yummy delicacies being made during this festive period. This year there is a  Diwali Luncheon planned  for the Gomes staff. Lets get together to make it fun and have our staff get the real taste of India.

Pick your choice of contribution by clicking on the link below or get something you want to contribute and let me know.


Happy Diwali to all!

Please sign up on the link below...