FUSD Looking for South Asian and Middle Eastern Students for Committee
Sun, Oct 8 9:15pm
John Gomes Elementary

Please read the following message below from Mrs. Vemuri. If your student is interested, please send an email to Ms. Konda, her contact info is below.


An Important Announcement: excerpts from an email from Ms. Anuja Konda, a member of the OCR at the District Office

"I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to update you on what SURFBoardE has been doing. We are currently forming a committee including 5-8 South Asian and Middle Eastern students from each of the 4 elementary schools. Below is a short blurb about this new committee and the new Office of Civil Rights at the District Office.
"The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) resolution agreement was created based on a compliance review conducted from 2013-2016. The resolution requires our district to review its harassment policies and practices, provide professional development around cultural competence, work with student groups and district equity teams, and teach lessons around harassment and diversity. The resolution specifies training around South Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures as these are groups named therein. These tasks will be done to ensure our district provides a safe and welcoming environment for all students. We are currently gathering names for students to serve on the South Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures Committee and will be in touch later with dates, times, and locations of meetings."
If you know of any students who are South Asian or Middle Eastern and would like to participate in this committee, please let me know of their names and their parents' contact information."

Thank you, 
Anuja Konda
Contact Email: anujakeerthi@gmail.com