Founders' Day Recipients - Thank you & Congratulations!
Mon, Mar 5 10:41am
John Gomes Elementary

Founders’ Day is an annual observance promoted by the National PTA to honor and recognize not only the original founders of what today is known as the PTA, but to also, in the same spirit, honor those in the community at large who exemplify the caring, nurturing, and diligent dedication to the education of all our community’s children as demonstrated by those early child advocacy pioneers from the early 20th century. Each year, Gomes School honors some special people in our school community for all of the hard work they do for our children.


Founders day recipients for 2017-2018

Very Special Teacher - Ms. Laura Warden, Ms Leann McGee
Very Special Person - Pallavi chakarvarty, Vivian Wan, Claudine Heffel
Honorary Service Award - Jessica Ramirez, Hiren Madhawani, Annam Srinivasan, Nelly Chong
Golden Oak - Michelle Hertel, Norm Howell